Care Instructions
Thank you for choosing the perfect products for yourself. We appreciate your dedication and want to ensure you know the best ways to care for your items to maintain their quality and vibrancy.

Here are some essential tips on how to care for T-shirts printed with direct printing methods. By following these guidelines, your shirts will continue to look vibrant and serve you well for a long time.

Care Instructions for Your Clothing:

Washing: For the best results, wash your shirts inside out in cold water with similar colors. Use a gentle cycle to protect the fabric and print quality.

Ironing: If ironing is necessary, please iron your shirts inside out on the lowest heat setting to avoid damage to the print.

Drying: Recommended hand drying or tumble dry on a very low setting to maintain the integrity of your clothes.

What to Avoid: Please refrain from using bleach and do not dry clean, as these processes can harm the fabric and print.
WASHINGWash the garment inside-out in cold water with similar colors using a gentle wash cycle.
NO-NOAvoid using bleach and not dry clean.
DRYINGRecommended hand drying or tumble dry on a very low setting.
IRONINGIf ironing is necessary, iron the garment inside-out on the lowest heat setting.
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