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Hey there, fabulous folks!

I’m Anka, your friendly graphic design enthusiast
hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, Canada. 🍁

At 40, I decided to hit the reset button on my life.

Picture this:
I was drowning in the corporate grind, spending endless hours tethered to my desk,
leaving little time for the things I love—family, friends, and even the simple joy of cooking.
Dinner became more of a fantasy than a reality,
and even our loyal pooch found himself on shared walks with my kiddo. 🐾

But one day, I said, “Enough is enough!

I bid farewell to the corporate chaos and dove into the vibrant world of graphic design.
Armed with a computer and a dash of determination,
I embarked on a journey to infuse joy and humor into everyday life. 🌈

Now, I’m here to share my passion with you through whimsical and humorous graphics.
From the festive vibes of Christmas to the sweet romance of Valentine’s Day,
I’ve got designs that capture the essence of every occasion.
Animal lovers, birthday celebrants, amazing moms and dads,
adventurous hunters, hikers,
and camping enthusiasts—there’s a piece of my heart in every creation. ❤️

Why Step into Ankaday World?

🎨 Every Occasion Covered: Celebrate life’s moments with unique designs that speak to your soul.

🌟 Personal Touch: Each design carries a piece of my story, making it personal and heartfelt.

😄 Spread Joy: Your purchase isn’t just a buy; it’s an investment in a more colorful and joy-filled life.

So, lovely friends, join me on this adventure. Let’s make your world a canvas of laughter and style.
Ready to add a sprinkle of humor to your life? Welcome! 🛍️✨

Thank you,

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